Let’s build a business together

About us

Every entrepreneur has to start somewhere. We also started somewhere. We are happy to give the opportunity that we once had back to young entrepreneurs. We have a fund exclusive for our entrepreneurs and early-stage startups, but we also offer knowledge, experience and a network. From our close involvement, we guide and coach every startup during the entire construction process.

- From idea to implementation. Together we turn ideas into successful startups!

How do we do it?

A selection of what we have to offer

  • From scratch -> No team and no startup idea yet? Our only requirement is your ambition. Our ideation process helps you to develop your idea
  • Guided -> Together we realize the product and your first revenue. Daily guidance and a structured process with coaching, mentorship and workshops.
  • Financed -> Funding for every stage of the company.
  • In a community -> Surrounded by other startups. We ensure a community feeling.
  • Results-oriented -> Results matter! With Holland Startup you reach a proof of concept in 6 months and you are guaranteed to make your first revenue in 12 months.

How can you join?

1. Information Evening

Before you actually start at Holland Startup, it is of course useful to learn more about our program. Information evenings are the ideal opportunity for this. Are you there too?
Check out the dates and reserve your spot!

2. Register

The most important step is to register for our program, where you are invited to an interview and test based on your motivation, knowledge and experience. You can sign up for it upcoming program.

3. Interview and test

If you are selected you can be invited for an interview at Holland Startup, where you will meet one of our team members. In the interview, we discuss your experience; your drive and motivation for a startup. We also discuss issues that you would like to address with your startup and team composition. At the end of the interview, a test for talents and cognition can be taken.

Within 5 working days after the interview, you know whether you have been admitted to the "Selection Days"

4. Selection Days

The final step in our selection process is an online two-day assessment, during which you become acquainted with entrepreneurship, carry out assignments and collaborate intensively with fellow candidates. The Selection Program offers you the ideal opportunity to get to know the Holland Startup program and meet potential co-founders. 

Within 5 working days after the Selection Days, you know whether you have been admitted to Holland Startup.

5. Join Holland Startup

Once you have been admitted to Holland Startup, we will review the agreements together. After signing, you are officially  entrepreneur in residence at Holland Startup. 


Currently we don't have any open positions.